Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Climb is due, Climb is don't?

..will I be able to climb?

Well, I went to the doctor today and got my feet checked and it seems like I will be ...*drum roll please*

I will most likely be able to do my climb - yeah that's right - virtual high fives with all of you!

I will be taking these pills during these next 10 days that are suppose to heal my feet as well as execises and alternative training to still stay in shape! 

These are great news, however, as always, there are two sides of the coin..unless you're in a pararell universe where coins only have...sorry, drifting away in thoughts..where was I? Oh yeah, two sides, this cure might not be a 100% garanti that my feet will heal but since I will use them together with the exercises that I've been giving I might just be able to pull it off!

The injury might last for 10 days all the way to a year...

I will do the climb regardless if my feet are fully healed or not but the preparation and my traning will consist of alot bigger variety of drills and training..who would have thought that I would every say something as stupid as ''rest..aka, alternative training'' would be good for ya!? I know that you all have been telling me this for the last couple of months and I know that deep inside I needed to rest, but hey, at least now I know where my limits are and I need to overcome them but it might take longer then expected - but that's what's fun about it, not knowing - heading in towards the unknown and see where it takes you (that is th easy part) but once youn face those obsticle then you need to dig deep inside yourself and pull out that last that you got and find a way to overcome them!

Anyway guys, I want to thank you all for the support that you have been giving me during these last weeks! Even tho I am in pain right now and even tho I've been beaten I will still make it, after all - if I would let something as insignificant as pain stop me from reaching my goal then who am I to tell you that you can make it? Always remember to work hard!

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