Thursday, February 13, 2014

Never felt this good!

Hey guys!

So it's been a while (again)..

I want to let you know that I am still pushing towards Olympus even tho I am stuck on my rehab for my elbows and my feet which sucks, but it is ..what it is!

On the plus side is that I found a new love, swimming - the workout is amazing and I think that you all should just stop what you're doing and go for a good 20min-1h swim and just enjoy yourself, it has by far been one of my most legit workouts and most painful once after that I've ever done. My whole body is just sour and messed up - and I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT! It's been a good month since I last felt this good mentaly and physically (just wait, give me 1 month and I am sure that I will F this up as well and I will be complaining about how bad it hurts)!

If you have not notice (I sure hasn't) it's already mid February and in mid June is when it's all going down - it's approaching!

And I get a lot of questions what I am going to do after Olympus (well obviously I will be a God, right?)..

But if that doesn't work out, I mean we need to talk about my weekly payment and what not, if I should just take over Zeuz poistion and Hera..

But no, jokes aside, I will absolute keep traveling around the world to see what it has to offer and meet all the amazing people that are out there!

Because for a living I do want to keep doing this I want to travel the world and kind of ''grind'' materials to have speeches about Youth Development!

..but that is for an other story!

This is about Olympus and about physically and mentally preparations about reaching something that is beyond comprehension! It's about legacy and doing what you want to do regardless of what other people think. It's important to know that others will not see it the way that you do, but you're not doing it for their sadisfaction, you're doing it because it makes you happy - and if you fail trying, then at least you tried - and that's it all there is to it!

So yes, that will end up the updates for today! As I said, I can not describe how great I finally feel after lots and lots of shit that my body and my mind has been through, because believe it or not, I do have stuff that are going on outside this know like, coffee and bathroom breaks..and stuff!

As always guys, keep pushing hard and I wish you all the best! Swiming pics and updates about my physical conditions will be up soon and before I forget, since my legs are good I actually pushed myself for a new personal best with a 110kg leg cruls for 8reps x 3set (for you that actually care about numbers and stuff like that and can't ''see''through how I write how much I love this).

Work Hard!

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