Monday, May 26, 2014

Let's make it bigger!

Hi guys, as many of you know my trip to Olympus is due in about a week, so I thought to myself; ''how can I turn this into something greater?''.

Well here you go - I have decided that for every person that shares this video wherever it might be I will be donating 1$ that will be split between two organisations: ''Pedal for Chi'' a charity founded by my friend Erin. And ''The house that Zack built'' founded byMax.

You will find more information about their organisations in the links down below!

Here is the video -

Sunday, May 25, 2014

7 days countdown!

Hey guys! How you doing?

I hope you all are doing well and that you are getting as excited for the trip as I am - which is only 7 days away!

I know, aiint that amazing!? It's been about 9 long months of training, success, preparations, failed attempts, insanely early mornings and lots of tears of joy and pain - but what is a great goal to an ancient mountain for Gods without learning a thing or two about yourself and who you are?

I will be vlogging the trip as you guys know so keep your eyes open for updates which will be posted on the blog or through my Facebook - so you will know that I did not only head to Google and grabbed a few pictures from there.

I wish that I could with words describe how much I have grown during these few months as a person and without the people around me supporting me through face to face pep-talks, texts and comments - I don't know if I would have been able to do this.

Thank you all!

Don't forget, keep working hard!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The ticket is booked!

Hey what's up guys!

I know it's been one and a halflife time since I updated anything here - and if you've read and looked up my posts for about a month ago you know that I've been rehabbing my elbows, arms, head..legs - the whole God damn body!

I have also been progressing with my presentations wich is the main reason I am doing this climb (as many of you know, I have a huge dream of using what I've learned from my travels in order to motivate ya'll out there to work hard even if it's a naive dream that you might have - don't listen, because you're awesome)! If you want to check out the presentation the link is right here -> (keep in mind that this is my very first presentation and I talk faster then a Persian using quick attack after popping that quick claw!).

So yes, but enough with that goodie stuff and let's get on with the show!

As the titel says - the tickets, both flight and hostel for Mt.Olympus is booked and it's due the 1th of June - so it's roughly 5 weeks from today!! And I am so excited!

I can't believe everything is finally happening - so many, many, many months ago when I decided that I was going to do this, through all the success the pain the knowledge about myself and whatnot.

Knowing that I've had you all supporting me, sharing my work, sharing my dream and actually got inspired from it - which is amazing..I ..tha-t, damn it, I told myself I wouldn't cry!

But yeah, it's been amazing I can not thank you enough and there is still the actually climb left to do, I am thinking about vlogging and let you guys join me on top the mountain once I am there.

So yeah, that's all for today and I will keep you updated about everything as soon as something exciting happens - so yeah!

Thank you all and remember to work hard!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Never felt this good!

Hey guys!

So it's been a while (again)..

I want to let you know that I am still pushing towards Olympus even tho I am stuck on my rehab for my elbows and my feet which sucks, but it is ..what it is!

On the plus side is that I found a new love, swimming - the workout is amazing and I think that you all should just stop what you're doing and go for a good 20min-1h swim and just enjoy yourself, it has by far been one of my most legit workouts and most painful once after that I've ever done. My whole body is just sour and messed up - and I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT! It's been a good month since I last felt this good mentaly and physically (just wait, give me 1 month and I am sure that I will F this up as well and I will be complaining about how bad it hurts)!

If you have not notice (I sure hasn't) it's already mid February and in mid June is when it's all going down - it's approaching!

And I get a lot of questions what I am going to do after Olympus (well obviously I will be a God, right?)..

But if that doesn't work out, I mean we need to talk about my weekly payment and what not, if I should just take over Zeuz poistion and Hera..

But no, jokes aside, I will absolute keep traveling around the world to see what it has to offer and meet all the amazing people that are out there!

Because for a living I do want to keep doing this I want to travel the world and kind of ''grind'' materials to have speeches about Youth Development!

..but that is for an other story!

This is about Olympus and about physically and mentally preparations about reaching something that is beyond comprehension! It's about legacy and doing what you want to do regardless of what other people think. It's important to know that others will not see it the way that you do, but you're not doing it for their sadisfaction, you're doing it because it makes you happy - and if you fail trying, then at least you tried - and that's it all there is to it!

So yes, that will end up the updates for today! As I said, I can not describe how great I finally feel after lots and lots of shit that my body and my mind has been through, because believe it or not, I do have stuff that are going on outside this know like, coffee and bathroom breaks..and stuff!

As always guys, keep pushing hard and I wish you all the best! Swiming pics and updates about my physical conditions will be up soon and before I forget, since my legs are good I actually pushed myself for a new personal best with a 110kg leg cruls for 8reps x 3set (for you that actually care about numbers and stuff like that and can't ''see''through how I write how much I love this).

Work Hard!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The value of time..

Hey guys, I know it's been a while since we talked and I keep getting these questions about if Olympus is still something that's going to happen or if I decided to drop the whole thing - Calm the fudge down, I am going!

I've just been terrible busy with work and coping with the injuries, but I will try to keep you all entertained with weekly updates.

Now I know in the past I promised myself that I would never go swimming - let's just face it, every time I get in to the water it feels like I've been eating one of them ''Devil Fruits'' (inside joke, but it means that I can't swim)..

But back to the topic, I will be swimming during February and still go to the gym (depending if my elbows will allow me to), just to let my feet rest for a while in order to get back in the game by the time it's off to Greece!

Can you guys believe it?! It's already past January and my climb is happening in mid June! Time fly past so fast..

Time is such a valuable factor, I mean - we got 24 hours, 1440 minuites and 86400 seconds in 1 day, so my question to you is, how do you spend those hours? Are you using them til it's full length in order to progress towards to your goal, what if you sleep 1 hour less to get up early to read that chapter that you're suppose to do or do that thing that you really have to no matter how boring and no matter how badly you want to sleep - stop bitching - start acting! I know you might be tired, I know you might think it's stupid but everything matters - all those small parts will eventually add up to your success, so don't waste time! Every day is a day where you have the opportunity to work towards what you want - DON'T WASTE IT!

I have to be real with you tho, ever since I got these injuries I have not been feeling well, neither physically and mentaly, I feel really shitty, because in the past or whenever I feel unhappy or tired I can always dig further inside and remember the reason why I started which keeps me motivated (and now, well, I've never been in this kind of situation before), but as time goes and the gap between who I am and who I want to be seems to be wider and I keep hurting myself - but even so, if I wanted to quit, I would have done that a long time ago. My ultimate goal is to inspire and be on stagemotivating people to keep working hard and to keep aiming high, I am not going to lie! Tho when you walk in to a wall like this and it feels like your whole world and everything you stand for seems to take you now where but further down the ''valley of pain''...I don't know, I just felt like telling you guys this, it's okay to be sad and it's okay to be angrey and hurt..but you need to find a way..and if there is one thing that I've learned it's this - Success and what you want to have will take time, you can't rush it, life will pass by either with you or without you and it's up to you if you want to get on that train or not or if you want to be ready when your time comes. But the grind towards that is up to you, but your moment will not be something that's going to be happen until it's time - the question is, are you going to be ready?

So till next time guys, I hope that if you made it all the way here I could somehow have helped you and if you, everything that you say sure means alot to me:)!

Work hard!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Climb is due, Climb is don't?

..will I be able to climb?

Well, I went to the doctor today and got my feet checked and it seems like I will be ...*drum roll please*

I will most likely be able to do my climb - yeah that's right - virtual high fives with all of you!

I will be taking these pills during these next 10 days that are suppose to heal my feet as well as execises and alternative training to still stay in shape! 

These are great news, however, as always, there are two sides of the coin..unless you're in a pararell universe where coins only have...sorry, drifting away in thoughts..where was I? Oh yeah, two sides, this cure might not be a 100% garanti that my feet will heal but since I will use them together with the exercises that I've been giving I might just be able to pull it off!

The injury might last for 10 days all the way to a year...

I will do the climb regardless if my feet are fully healed or not but the preparation and my traning will consist of alot bigger variety of drills and training..who would have thought that I would every say something as stupid as ''rest..aka, alternative training'' would be good for ya!? I know that you all have been telling me this for the last couple of months and I know that deep inside I needed to rest, but hey, at least now I know where my limits are and I need to overcome them but it might take longer then expected - but that's what's fun about it, not knowing - heading in towards the unknown and see where it takes you (that is th easy part) but once youn face those obsticle then you need to dig deep inside yourself and pull out that last that you got and find a way to overcome them!

Anyway guys, I want to thank you all for the support that you have been giving me during these last weeks! Even tho I am in pain right now and even tho I've been beaten I will still make it, after all - if I would let something as insignificant as pain stop me from reaching my goal then who am I to tell you that you can make it? Always remember to work hard!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Beaten, but not Defeated!

It doesn't matter if something is real or not, I don't want to know..
It doesn't matter if you know the answer, I need to find it out for myself before I believe it...

Being naiv and optimistic has it's perks, because just with the thought of something that I want, that will be enough for me to work a lifetime to reach it! I've worked night and day and that's what made me who I am today - now, I am going to let something as insignificant as ''reality'' beat me, then what was the point of starting this journey at all..

With that said, hey guys! I am sorry I've not been as good with these updates as I used to..

I actually hit the so called ''wall''..and it's been hard for me to cope with it..

My feet are back at aching but I am seing a Doctor soon and I am also eating those anti-inflammed pills in order to get better.

I also want to let you guys know that it's been about 2 weeks since I did a proper workout and due to my fever now which keeps increasing, I might be off gym and working out for a bit longer then I thought - but hey! The character of a person is detarmained by how he/she rises from that obstical - I guess you could say that I am a ''Dark Knight Rises'' haha...moving on..

You know, if it was easy everyone would do it. So don't count me out yet - it's still 5 months from today until Olympus will be climbed!

I also want to thank all of you, I know that you've told me not to go to the gym and that I would hurt myself, and I know most of you hopefully will not rub this in my face - but I get it! But I had to try and see it for myself and now when I see it I will try to do this to myself again, it was a long time ago since I've been this sad..even tho I am happy that I lasted for this long and I broke all those limits that I had on myself!

But I guess it's just as a wise old man once said; ''When we hit our lowest points, we're opened to the greatest change''. My goal is still the same and my mentality as well, but I will try to aviod doing know, when I have a high fever and what not!

Anyway, I want to thank you all for the support and love that you have given me - I am truly blessed and I am looking forward to a quick recovery - a big thanks to all of you reading this, writing, sending pictures .everything is just..grand? Anyway guys, that's all for today and don't forget to work hard for what you want, even tho I ended up like this, and even if you face a challange, just know that the pain will pass and you will rise again!